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Commit Yourself to Gravel

A Cycling Asylum in the Santa Monica Mountains  

Riding Unconfined

 Crazy for Gravel

Call us crazy but we believe riding should be unencumbered by asphalt; an adventure sandwiched between delicious meals with friends on a path less pedaled. When we come to the fork in the road we take the dirtiest direction. Find out why we have fallen in love with gravel bikes as you tackle every terrain under the SoCal sun. From three thousand foot fire road climbs in Malibu, to road sections featured in the Tour of California and the singletrack in between, you'll find out why we call the Santa Monica Mountains home, and why we'll never leave. 

Two Wheeled Bedlam

Voluntarily commit yourself  for three nights and four days of Southern California's finest riding. You'll spend your days on the roads, fire roads, and trails of Topanga, Calabasas, and Malibu on our favorite routes that showcase some of the finest cycling in the world.  In a city of 14 million you'll feel alone in the wilds of the Santa Monica Mountains. Enjoy the included and convenient lodging and fine dining of our home base in Calabasas and pedal right out the door for days of two wheeled adventure. All you need to do is show up...and be ready to spend several days riding with DZ. Want to ride a 3T Exploro? Sure, it's included. 

Life Behind Bars

One of the aspects that makes our area so unique is the close proximity to both remote wilderness and the vibrant metropolis of Los Angeles. You'll find the Nuthouse just thirty miles from LAX but virtually a world away. We've partnered with the Anza Hotel in Calabasas and our favorite local restaurant/bike shop/coffee shop, Pedalers Fork, to offer a convenient sleep/dine/ride experience. While LA may be the city of autos, you won't have to get behind the wheel once you arrive. You'll be living behind bars. 





“Fuck it dude, let's go riding”

-David  Zabriskie



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