Who are these nuts?

Dave Zabriskie

What can you say about DZ that hasn't already been said? A former professional exerciser- Dave is an olympian, TDF Yellow Jersey wearer, 6X National TT Champion, chamois cream aficionado, pseudo comic book superhero and CBD pioneer. When he's not obsessively stalking new bike routes on GMaps you'll find him bushwhacking with his kids in the hills behind his house and cursing the poison oak rashes on his arms.     

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Ryan Steers

Who is this guy? Since we only need one Dear Leader, Ryan happily hides in Dave's slipstream. He loves to ride his bike; his wife says too much, and has no plans for world peloton domination. Ryan pedals around on his bike and hides in the local mountains for hours on end brainstorming routes for you, all the while hoping to eventually achieve international cycling fame and fortune vicariously through his two small children. 

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