Q: How hard is the riding?

A: It's pretty tough. The Santa Monica Mountains are very hilly. There are lots of climbs, some of them are quite long. Also, because of the mixed terrain there is a level of fitness and bike handling required. Be prepared to handle a 60-70 mile long day with about 8,000ft of climbing.That being said, this isn't a death march or a competition. We are riding for fun and will keep everyone together.  

Q: What riding clothes should I bring? 

A: Four to five kits would be ideal. Also, arm warmers, a vest and a base layer are always recommended. The temperatures can be chilly in the morning and hot in the afternoon. If you're doing a winter camp leg warmers aren't a bad idea. Might as well toss in a rain shell as well, it's doubtful you'll need it. Best to bring layers. Bring a few water bottles and sunscreen and anything else you think you might need for a long day on the bike. 

Q: I don't see a date that works for me. Do you have other options?

A: Sure, we open dates up as we fill them so keep your eye on the calendar. Also, we can create a custom trip. Contact us about availability. Want to take colleagues out for a corporate cycling trip? We can do that as well. 

Q: Are the rides supported? 

A: We will carry basic repair items and snacks. Our long day will have a full support van.

Q: How far is DZ Nuthouse from LAX?

A: Well, that depends. We're about 30 miles....so, without traffic it's 30-45 minutes, however, if you hit it during rush hour it could take about two hours. Plan accordingly (see the traffic link at the bottom of the page). 

Q: How much does it cost and what does that get me?

A: The cost is $2500, which includes 3 nights of lodging, 4 days (M/T/W/TH) of guided rides, 3 dinners, 3 breakfasts, and 3 lunches and ride snacks. You'll also have access to a gravel bike should you need one. We also will throw you a $200 LYFT voucher to use for your transportation between LAX and Calabasas. 

Q: How do I get there and is it actually a house?

A: You could ride your bike but we recommend car or air. You can fly into LAX or Burbank and it's an easy Uber/Lyft ride from the airport (depending on traffic) to the Anza Hotel. You will stay at a hotel. Trust us, you don't want to stay in DZ's house. 

Q: What time should I arrive? When do I leave?

A: That's up to you...on Monday we will plan to ride around 4:30ish-6sih after you arrive. Check in at the Anza is at 4pm so you can arrive and get situated and set up your bike. If you're borrowing a bike let us know so we can have it ready to roll. On Thursday check out is 11am so you can grab a shower and then we'll have lunch so you can get on your way. Again, it's LA so traffic is a factor. The best rule of thumb is to check it the week before on the day/time you plan to leave and arrive so you can make an educated guess. Click here and check it ou: TRAFFIC


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