The Riding

We'll, you've stumbled this far, which, means you're curious. Good for you. How is the riding you ask? It's the best! But, we're a little biased. Ever heard of Topanga, Westlake Village, Calabasas...Malibu? That last one got your attention.


There's a reason pro cycling teams come from all over the world to train in this area, and there's an even better reason why many pro cyclists choose to live here after they retire. With only 25 annual days of precipitation, 285 days of sun, an average July high of 82 and average January low of 47 our climate virtually guarantees perfect year round riding. Sure, it can get a little toasty up in the mountains during the summer and there's the chance of a rainy day, but statistically you should be pretty comfortable. Don't worry, we'll make sure you have sunscreen and plenty of water. We're not insane. 


Is it really worth traveling all the way to Spain to ride bikes? Nah. How many cars have you seen named the Costa Blanca? Malibu: 1, Spain: 0. Point proven. You may even get to ride through a film set at Paramount Ranch. Ah, the magic of Hollywood. 

The Santa Monica Mountains are a cycling paradise. There are endless paved roads, hundreds of miles of fire road and single track, sweeping ocean vistas, thousands of feet of climbing and descending that will have you grinning in pain and joy. 

Sound like Fun?

Come join us. Take the DZ Tour: Where the asphalt ends the real fun begins. 


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